Diigo ( http://diigo.com ) Is the Best Social Bookmarking Service

Diigo Annotated

Diigo has convinced me to “switch” from del.icio.us bookmarking. Well, that’s not exactly true, since posting to Diigo allows me to post simultaneously to other major bookmarking services (with the same tags and comments), so del.icio.us has not lost a user. In fact simpy and ma.gnolia have gained a user, since I would not be using them at all (even though I am registered on both services) if it weren’t for Diigo.

The Diigo toolbar for Firefox works flawlessly and in addition to tagging and commenting posts like you would expect, Diigo offers “remembered” highlights and sticky notes for the sites you have visited while using the service.

Finally, highlighting in Diigo is more than just that, it offers a right-click menu on highlighted selections that lets you search these using various search engines (these are freely customizable!) and even to post the highlight and associated URL to one or more of your personal blogs (this is also configurable). I am in fact using this feature to post to this very blog.

The only things I miss from del.icio.us are the tags that are offered up as an option when you start a new post and the ability to easily send to another user simply by including their “for:” tag. But hey, who says I can’t peek at del.icio.us first to get some suggested tags, copy these, cancel and then post to Diigo? I am doing this routinely now. And Diigo offers its own forwarding option for sending posts to friends, although in my opinion not quite as slick as the one offered by del.icio.us

A quick survey (ratio actually) between the number of users who posted the same links on both sites reveals that del.icio.us has about 50 times as many users as Diigo. So the social aspect of del.icio.us is still much more powerful, but maybe Diigo will gain more market share with time, since they offer a better service.

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